With one touch of a beta reader, make your manuscript a beta version of itself.


Sick and tired of ambiguous feedbacks on your manuscript? Then it's high time you have considered hiring a beta reader detailed in manuscript report writing. 

Seeing myself as a true companion of the writer—an assistant in the storytelling crafting process—providing writers with a deep insight into readers' viewpoint of their manuscript remains an indispensable task in my role as a beta reader. This I achieve by providing a thorough explanation of the various aspect of a manuscript, ranging from characters development, conflict usage, setting, and worldbuilding, to story/plot, point-of-view, pacing, consistency and internal logic. 

With a top-down and bottom-up critiquing approach, my report is nothing short of a good guide that makes the rough road of rewriting easier for writers. 




About Me


Temidayo Azeez is a beta reader on Fiverr. His love for reading have been the major contributing factor behind his desire to be the writer's companion. 


With a deep love for nature, science, logic and critical thinking, my services borders on literary,science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, crime and adventure genres. 

I also specialize in beta reading philosophical and historical fictionprose.


Temidayo Azeez is currently an undergraduate, studying Economics in the University of Ibadan. 

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